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Waffendetails für 'RGD33 Stick Grenade'
RGD33 Stick Grenade

The Soviet RGD-33 was an anti-personnel fragmentation stick grenade developed in 1933 from the Model 1914 grenade used during World War I.

The RGD-33 is constructed with a central detonator around which is the 80 gram (TNT) bursting charge. The charge is contained within a cylindrical can attached to a short throwing handle. Between the outer metal casing and the explosive charge is a series of deeply embossed steel cylindrical shells. Upon detonation the shells fragment in a multitude of mainly rectangular shaped thin steel fragments, which, along with the casing and detonator fragments, retard rapidly in air.

Waffen Kategorie: Primäre Granaten Folge dem Link um mehr Informationen zu erhalten:  
Im Spiel Waffenname: sticky_grenade_mp  

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